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McCarran Auto Body Is The Most Advanced Auto Body Facilities in Northern Nevada
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These Words are so True. If Only there were more People like you, the World would be a much better Place.


 Denise McNeely



Everything is going well with my saturn you repaired. Thank you for the great work you did on my car!
You will be highly recomended by me to others needing bodywork on ther cars. Thanks again for the
Update and great Job!
Bob Gebel


Thankyou so much-

I appreciate your kindness for a person who live's in a fixed income, I was worry about the estimate in the damage

of my car, but there you were an angel sended by God.

God bless You

Elvia G



Amber S.

After 4 major accidents with my 03 Jetta every time I have allowed McCarran autobody to fix it, everytime I have felt like I have driven a brand new car off the lot. McCarran Auto Body is the only shop in Reno I trust with my car and everytime the insurance company asks me about shops I persist McCarran AutoBody.I appreciate the amazing service and for the 8 years I've had my car, they are the one's I trust the most and the ones I will trust in future.



Jerry & JUlie

Thanks so much for restoring my auto.

Your service and fine friendly approach were beyond the call.


Larry M.




Over the last 50 years of driving, It is not to often that I send out a letter about an Auto Body Shop.

The Shop is McCarran Auto Body, Reno, NV. Jerry Wientjes, Owner who went way beyond the Call of Duty

I really enjoyed Jerry's quick response professionalism honesty and sincerety to save me thousands

of dollars. Jerry is a Credit A++ to ------- Insurance  and would recommend McCarran Auto Body

for anyone needing Auto Body repair to their Cars


William R.



To everyone at McCarran Auto Body!

I thankyou for your kindness & hard work. You all have been so nice to me and have

taken great care of me. I can't thank you enough. I hope these flowers bring some

colorful cheer & happiness to the office.


Kendra S.

P.S. THANK YOU! I would never thought you could have a pleasing experience

       getting my car fixed.




Thanks for all you've done for us. The quality, reliability, timeliness & gaurantees

on your work are unusual & exemplary in the industry. McCarran is definitely the "Best".

All of you are always friendly, outgoing & accomodating. We would enjoy being a "reference for a potential customer at any time.

Thanks for everything.

Gary K

Judy K




Just a short note to let you know that I absolutely love my jeep!!

It runs like new  and I couldn't be happier! Thanks to you & your crew for making it all happier.

Again, thank-you so Much!!

Kathy W